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There are two types of loans: secured and unsecured. While unsecured loans do not require to provide any property to protect the loan, the secured type uses your assets to secure the loan. A Car Title Loan is a secured type of short-term loans, which uses your vehicle as a collateral. Boats, trucks, and RVs, or any other type of vehicle can be used. Lenders offer car title loans as a way out for applicant to finance an emergency or other short-term expenses. So, if you need quick money, lenders in California can help you to get the best title loan options.

How Do Car Title Loans in California Work?

Usually lenders decide whether to approve you or not relying on your credit score, bank account statements, and employment history. These determines help the lender to understand whether a potential debtor can handle the car title loan repayments. The debtor gives his agreement to use a vehicle, as collateral until the moment a loan is repaid in full. If it happens that a borrower fails to pay on time, the collateral helps to secure the loan.

The minimum sum of money you can get with a car title loan in California is $2,510. Usually, loans are designed for a specific purchase, but the money from an auto title loan can be used for any needs. One can use a car title loan to pay some medical bills or any purchase the borrower thinks is necessary. As long as the borrower makes their payments on the loan, they can still use their car and use the cash the way the like.

Maximum Loan Amount 50.000$
Minimum Loan Amount 2.510$
Maximum Loan Term 31 days
Maximum APR 30%
Fees 5% of the amount for a 2510$ loan

If you have an automobile, you are free to apply for a California Car Title Loans. By using your motor vehicle title as collateral, you can lend you over $2,510 quickly at competitive interest rates. The main advantage is that you can keep driving your car.

How much money can I take out with a Car Title Loan in California?

The sum of money you can take out depends on different factors. The value of the collateral, the steady source of income, and credit history of a borrower are among them. When you receive a title loan, it means that you have to surrender your automobile’s title to the lender for some time. The lender, in his turn, places a lien on your car title in exchange for the money you get. As soon as the borrower repays the loan, the lien is removed, and the car title is returned to the borrower.

When you get a title loan from Californian lenders, you have the right to keep driving your car while you repay the credit. If you wish to pre-qualify or pre-pay the loan, no penalty can be charged. Typical uses for a title loan include: medical expenses, home repairs, weddings, funerals.

Debt consolidation is a popular option for borrowers who need freedom from multiple credit payments. A title loan in California have the possibility to pay off those creditors and leave you with one fixed monthly payment.

Bad credit title loans in California

To apply for a secured auto title loan, you need a steady source of income with which you can repay your loan. A credit check will be held but bad credit or no credit at all can not disqualify your loan application; you can, typically, still get a title-secured loan as long as you meet some very basic requirements.

California Title Loan Legal Alternatives

California lending companies offer numerous loan options for instant financing of any urgent expenses. Depending on the loan amount and repayment terms, you can choose the one to your convenience:


What can happen if I don’t pay the loan on time?

If you do not make your payment on time your vehicle may be repossessed without further notice.

What happens if my vehicle is repossessed?

The company that performs repossessions is obliged to contact you within 2 days and tell you where to collect any things they found in your car when they repossessed it. They can charge you for storage of these items.

The car title lender has to contact you as well and inform you about what you need to do to return your car. If this was your first repossession and you did not hide your car you have the right to get your car back if you pay the late payments, late fees, the repossession costs and any storage fees.

What is a lien-free car title?

A lien-free car title means that you own your car outright, with no outstanding loans or judgments against it.

Does the title have to be in my name?

Yes, the car or motorcycle title must have you listed as the legal owner to be approved for a title loan in California. If you are listed on the title along with another person, contact the lender to determine whether or not the other person listed on the title has to apply along with you.

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